Money Saving Games

  We all feel like we can not save money at times. Our intention to save money is always good but sometimes we fall short with our good intentions. My suggestions why not make saving money a game. We all liked to play boards games when we were kids and some of us still play the same games today.  So why not the money game here play are some money saving games you can play.

Quit a bad habit game- smoking, drinking, gambling,  take a bad habit and stop doing it for a period of time  let’s say 6 months to a year and save the money. Personally mine is gambling I have cut back on it for about 2 weeks and I have saved over $10. Yea!

Promotion Game-  Look into banks that offer you a bonus just to open a checking account with them. Open the account with the min and let the bank give you the rest. For example my bank Astoria federal was offering $125.00 to open a free checking account to new customers. I opened an account with the min and took advantage of their offer. What other places offer you free money if you maybe take a survey, do mystery shopping for them etc.

Found Money Game- If you find money on the street, in the laundry, in a coat pocket or pants pocket that you have forgotten about save it and add it to you saving account. If someone paid back a loan, if you got a refund or win some money. Any money that you did not expect to get save it

Save A Raise Game- If you are luck enough to get a raise on your job then save the money for emergencies. This was money that you never expected to get so save it for when you really need it. Even better take your lunch to work and bank the money you would have spent on lunch everyday by direct depositing that money from your paycheck in to your bank account.

Weight Game- If you’re like me and need to lose weight. I started a $1.00 a pound. For every pound I lose I put $1.00 in my save money jar. Or for every fat thing that I put in my mouth to eat that’s a $2 dollar fine. This also goes in my saving jar.

Coupons- If you use coupons save the money that you get back from your coupons or rebates and put it into you save money jar. if you don’t use coupons then start  see how much money you can save with them.

These are just some of the games that you can play to save money. I am sure you can think of many more. The goal is to find ways to have fun saving money. If you have more that you would like to suggest/share then e mail me at Remember it’s not what you have it’s what you save that's most important.

            Gambling Frugal/Cheap


First decide how much you want to spend.  Create a gambling budget and stick to it!
Plan how often you can gamble, can you afford once a week, once a month or every 3 months.
When you gamble space your gambling time get up from playing, walk around, have lunch,  listen to the free entertainment that casinos offer. You need this time to rest and really look at how much you’re losing or winning.

Play the penny slots you can take $20 and make it last a long time if you take your time.
Always use your player’s card that the casino gives you. Your player’s card offers you free food, rooms and money to play with and they might even give you free gifts.

When you’re losing at gambling bet smaller amounts or better yet go home. You can always come back tomorrow. If you’re on a winning streak then up your bets but only by a little. If you’re on a really good winning streak pick yourself up take the winning and go home. I have been known to win $50 bucks at the casino and head home with that. That’s more then I came with and I was happy that I won. You could always use the extra money to do other things beside gamble with it.

If you win a  large jackpot($100 or more) take your money and run. Live to play another day. Never forget gambling is a form of entertainment win or lose know how to stop take a minute and enjoy yourself.

On a personal note when I go to casinos  I  take  all the  free stuff that offer me.  If I get some free play money, a free meal or free gifts. I use what is given and take home the rest. I try not to come out of my pocket for anything, Why should I when I am getting Free stuff. But that’s just me.

Have A Great Cheap Cheetah day!

                Frugal/Cheapskate Fun

1. Invite Friends over for a Potluck Dinner

 2. Have a picnic. This is another frugal fun thing to do that’s perfect for this time of year. Pack some  good food that everyone will enjoy, pick a destination, and head out.

3. Catch an outdoor concert – outside of the concert.  The music is often loud enough that you can hear it at a distance, so use idea #2 for having a picnic and there you go – a lovely picnic with free music! 

4. Hit up the movie matinee. Watching a movie during matinee time usually will help you save a bundle watching the latest movie releases at the theater. Frankly, most movie theaters don’t like for you to take your own drinks or snacks, but if you have a fairly large handbag, you can sneak them in.  (We did for years!!) This will save you a ton of money on their high priced snacks.

5. Take a trip to the beach (or lake).  Again, use frugal idea #2 and pack a picnic, pick a beach, and head out.  There’s so much to at the beach (or lake) besides swimming. Take a metal detector and look for fabulous treasure finds. Collect shells or rocks. Take photos. Take a walk.  Or you could even actually swim.

6. Look in your community papers and see what free events they offer. I know that the libraries offer free children and adult classes, movie nights, book, chest and knitting clubs

7. Volunteer at your local theater or playhouse. That way you get to see all the production for free. All you’re spending is your time.

8, Budget for your activates and just have fun. Spending money is not fun but having fun   life experiences are.  

These are just a few frugal/cheapskate ideas to have fun on a budget.  There are plenty of other places to go and things to do – the park if you live in or near a large city, the museum, the zoo, the river, fishing, etc.  Use your imagination and just be frugal/cheap about it! 

The Cheap Cheetah Money Show ™

 Flea Market Shopping

   Don't you love flea markets? I know I do. When I go flea markets I find some great bargains on new and slight used items. You can find toys, perfume, clothing, dishes, and automotive items just to name a few things.  The best part about going to flea markets is that they save you money. You go with a budget and a list of things that you need and you will find that a flea market will not only give you good quality items at a decent price but you will also come home with money left over from your budget.   
    So when you have to buy something my suggestion is find a good flea market to go to and it will beat the prices of a retail stores any day.
Flea markets are also a good place if you want to sell some of your items to makes some quick cash. You just set up a table, put your stuff out and make money it's just that simple. I use to sell at flea markets it’s work but very profitable money wise.

                   Have A Great Cheap Cheetah Day!

   Business Start-Up Money

We all think about starting our own business.  But when we do think about starting our own business what’s that the first thing that comes to mind. Where is the money coming from to start my business. .

First think about what kind of business you want to start and then do the research and see how much money it would take for you to start the business that you want to get into.

Can you start your business on a part-time basis? You work your 9-5 and then start your business after your working hours? No matter how you start your business you’re going to need some start up money so here’s a few suggestions for you.

Save your coins for 6-8 months and count it then deposit into a business start up bank account. 
Take $20-30 dollars from your paychecks if you can spare it and put it toward your business fund that you have already set up.

Don't buy anything new use what you have and save the money toward your business. Borrow the money from a friend or relative for your business say $100 and promise to pay it back when the business starts making money.
If you get any get any unexpected refunds, repayment of a loan, lottery wins put that money toward your business.


Have A Great Cheap Cheetah Day

Need Extra Money


Cook for people who don’t have the time

Rent a room in your home

Do housekeeping for the larger hotels part-time

Sell some stuff on line

Work over-time at your current job

Do Mystery shops and Surveys

Donate blood for Cash

Sell Your Stuff, Your not using it anyway

Run Errands for people who don’t get out much.

Become a House or Pet sitter.

Design websites

Look for odd jobs on or online

Participate in Focus groups

Tutor Students in a subject your good at

Participate in focus groups

Join a multi-marketing company one that you would enjoy working for.

Make and sell interesting Jewelry.

Invent a product and sell it to the highest bidder.

Have A Great Cheap Cheetah Day!

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